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Unique Piercing Ideas

The piercing world has a lot to offer in terms of creativity, and nobody can deny that. There are so many options to choose from in terms of piercing placement, body area, and size of the body jewelry worn. Lionesse would like to take a look at some of the most unique piercing ideas for women that flatter any lady in their own style and regard.

Woman gets a Madonna piercing

Madonna Piercing
The Madonna piercing is a piercing located on the facial area, off to the side of the upper lip. It’s feminine, classy, and looks great on any woman.

Labret Piercing

Labret Piercing
The labret is the area directly below the center of the bottom lip. This has become a popular piercing among those who would like to get a lip ring, but don’t want to go that exact route. Once more popular among men, this piercing has become ever more popular with women nowadays, and you can wear something like a small diamond stud in the hole to look cute and chic.

Woman covered with tattoos with a bridge piercing

Bridge Piercing
The bridge piercing is located directly at the center of the top of the nose, between the eyebrows. The bridge piercings are done sideways, and require a barbell type piece of jewelry. There are many styles to choose from.

Beautiful woman with a pierced nose.

Nose Piercing
A nose piercing is one of the classic women’s body piercings that never seem to get old. You can normally work in an office environment with one of these nowadays, and nobody would care or ask you to remove it. In some places, you may need to, though they are more widely accepted now. In some places in the world such as India, they are a religious symbol.

Woman with belly button piercing

Belly Button Piercing
Belly button piercings are another extremely feminine piercing type that women everywhere seem to love. They look great with crop tops and bikini’s, and there are different styles of piercing jewelry as well as piercing styles and locations within the belly button area to choose from.

Woman showing off her dermal piercing

Dermal Piercing
Dermal piercings are actually jewelry pieces that are implanted into the skin through means of an incision. They are said to be more painful than other body piercings due to the fact that a small incision must be made – but then again, this all depends on a person’s pain tolerance and the location of the dermal piercing. The face is a popular region, as is the chest area, back dimple area, and hips.

Woman with septum piercing

Septum Piercing
Septum piercings are usually easily recognizable when you think of a bull with a ring through its nose. A septum piercing is said to be one of the most painful piercing experiences, however, many women nowadays are opting for this piercing because the size of the septum ring jewelry has gone down dramatically in size, enabling someone to virtually hide the ring if they so choose. It also doesn’t leave a piercing scar anywhere visible on the body as the piercing is done on the cartilage inside the nose.

Woman getting her ears pierced.

Industrial Piercing
Industrial piercings are ear piercings which are done from the top of the ear down to the middle to top section of the ear. They are usually a bit painful due to the fact that they have to pierce through cartilage twice, and they remain sore and tender for quite a while afterwards. Once healed, they look adorable and you can change out the jewelry whenever you like.

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