Skin Care May 19, 2016

Tween Skincare

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When kids start reaching the tween age, developing a skin care routine becomes incredibly important.  Helping your tween get in the habit of a regular skin care routine at the tween age can also help them get into the habit early and they’re more likely to carry those habits throughout the rest of their lives.  Because the tween age range is typically when kids start to experience breakouts, hormonal changes, and body changes it’s important to make sure they’re taking care of their skin in the process.  Although their skin is young, they aren’t going to need the same skin care as adults.  To help you help your tweens, we’re breaking down a few points to consider when getting your tween on a skin care routine.

Keep it Simple
Seriously though, if it’s too complicated the likelihood of your tween actually going through with the routine regularly isn’t very high.  Find a way to keep the routine simple and to the point so that they’re likely to actually go through with it, but still taking good care of their skin in the process.  Think cleanse, tone, moisturize – those are often the most important steps to skin care according to skin experts.

Consider the Products
Because your tween’s skin is still young it’s likely to be on the sensitive side.  Try looking for products that are specifically made for tween-aged skin and/or sensitive skins.  Many experts suggest avoiding products with a lot of ingredients as typically the more ingredients the more likely something is to affect skin sensitivities.  Also, skin care isn’t something you want to choose based on price alone.  While many people think as long as their washing their face it doesn’t matter what the actual product is, but because of their age tweens do need products that are actually good for their skin – they’ll thank you in the future!  Because their habits and skin care practices now will have an effect on them later in life, either positively or negatively.  So instead of basing the product purchase decision on just price, make sure it’s filled with ingredients that are good for your tween’s skin and has everything they need in the products.

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Work with Them on the Routine
Because starting a skin care routine is likely to be new to your tween, it’s important to talk it over with them.  Avoid ‘making’ them wash their face and instead let them be a part of the process.  If they’re interested have them help in deciding which products to use, this can help them feel like they’re a part of the process.  Also, explain to them why taking care of their skin is so important and what to do when they have a breakout or other skin condition.  Keep the open line of communication so they’re able to talk to you when they have questions or concerns.

Of course, if your tween is dealing with mild or severe acne it’s advised you seek professional assistance so an expert can help narrow down the cause and help get a handle on things early.

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