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Try These Relaxing Rainy Day Activities

There’s something about rainy days that can leave some of us feeling a bit stir crazy.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck inside and not really sure what to actually do with the time since being outside isn’t an option (or doesn’t sound like fun).  We feel that rainy days can be a great time to get a little much needed relaxation time in the books – why not make the most of it, right?  Not sure what we mean?  Try these relaxing rainy day activities….

woman reading book

Do A Little Reading
In a world that’s constantly on the go and connected to the internet and social media, most of us don’t spend much time reading anymore.  There’s something about curling up in cozy blankets, with a hot cup of a tea and a book you’ve been dying to read that just feels right on a rainy day.  We all need a little time to disconnect and when it’s a lousy, rainy day outside doing a little reading is a great way to relax and do something you’ve been wanting to ‘make the time for’ for a while.  Make it a fun and relaxing experience for yourself by not pressuring yourself to get through a certain amount of the book, or limiting your time.  Just curl up, relax and enjoy!

Book a Spa Treatment
Another activity that many of us tend to put off over and over again is booking that massage, facial or other spa treatment you keep meaning to.  When it’s a rainy day, there’s not much else to do – so call your local spa and see if you can book a last minute treatment.  Since there isn’t much to really be able to do, and you’re ready for a little relaxation booking a spa treatment on a rainy day can be a great way to really help yourself unwind.  We always feel like we need to scurry off to the next thing, but take your time, enjoy your treatment and most importantly… don’t feel guilty about doing something for you.  We all need a little relaxation, make the most of your rainy day by doing something for you that relaxes you so when the rain breaks you feel energize!

friends watching movie

Have Your Own Movie Marathon
So you’re trapped in the house for the day, and you don’t feel like doing anything – we all have those times, especially on rainy days.  Instead of forcing yourself, gather some of your favorite movies that you haven’t seen in a while and have a little movie marathon.  Make some of your favorite snacks, open up a bottle of wine, get your favorite blanket and just chill while you enjoy all your favorite flicks.  If someone is home with you, watch the marathon together.  Movie marathons can be a really relaxing way to just detach from reality for a bit and have a little entertainment.

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