Skin Care September 15, 2015

Trend Report: Multi-Masking

Woman getting a facial treatment

When it comes to giving your skin–and especially the skin on your face–the best care, it’s important to realize that even though it’s a relatively small area (especially when compared to the volume of your entire body’s skin surface,) the skin on your face is comprised of different concentrated areas that each has a number of different needs. For example, the area around your eyes needs a type of attention that contrasts what you would use in caring for your cheeks properly, such as using products to deal with problem issues like breakouts, wrinkles and dry skin. Many people suffer from prominent distinctions in their T-zones, where their skin may be excessively oily, while the rest of their skin might even be distinctively dry. It’s time to recognize that difference, and respond properly by addressing each area separately, in the manner best suited to the specific condition of each spot. And this, my friend, is what Multi-Masking is all about.

Opening Up a Whole New Benefit for Advanced Skin Care
It seems odd now, that this trend was not in practice before now, as nothing could make better sense–a genuine “duh” moment, here. Look at how many years passed, with women using facial masks in one full effort, even though the different issues of properly caring for their faces clearly did not stand to benefit from the claims made by any particular mask. It’s almost like this archaic method of masking, while doing great stuff for one facial condition, would ultimately either not help or even worsen other areas at the same time.  But now that multi-masking has been introduced in such a grand way, everyone can finally achieve much better benefits for their skin, and in a DIY effort, at home, just by choosing and using the right products for each area. In multi-masking, you perform several procedures all at the same time, or simultaneously, as a new standard for your personalized beauty routine.

How to Multi-Mask
Multi-masking is going to be exclusively different, from woman to woman, but let’s say it could be, for instance, using an eye mask that hydrates and brightens the area surrounding the eyes, while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of a clay mask on other parts of the face to remedy issues like clogged pores and excessive oil. You “separate” the areas of your face according to as many zones that show different issues, and treat each specifically, at the same time. So, along with the eye treatment and clay mask, you might add a forehead-firming mask above your eyes, and at the same time, apply mask touches that are formulated to combat signs of aging in key areas, like around the mouth and the neck area. Once your multi-masking session is completed, you will see and feel the difference of multi-masking!

This method works on any skin tone and all skin types, so you only need to worry about figuring out your combination when it comes to this hot new trend in skin care.

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