Skin Care May 18, 2017

Treating Fine Lines, Redness and Inflammation

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Our skin has to deal with so many different factors throughout our lives. Between the sun, overall environmental factors and stress there are so many different skin concerns that can show up on our skin. We’re always about giving you as many solid tips and tricks as possible, especially skin care related, because dealing with skin concerns is never fun. Treating fine lines, redness and inflammation tend to be pretty common skin conditions that show up. It can often seem like it’s impossible to get some relief, but truthfully it’s not as difficult to treat these concerns as you may think.

Exfoliate Regularly
Exfoliating is something that’s discussed pretty often in the skin care world, and it’s really because it has incredible benefits to the skin. Getting into a consistent exfoliating routine has been found to help immensely with fine lines, redness and inflammation in the skin. To put it simply, exfoliating is so beneficial in these areas because it’s helping to essentially resurface the skin. Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells, smooth the surface and get a much deeper cleanse to the skin. Getting rid of a lot of bacteria, oil and other buildup on the skin helps to get rid of irritants in the skin that often cause the other concerns to occur.

Change Up Your Skin Care Products 
Often times, when your skin becomes red and inflamed it’s the result of irritation in the skin. Irritation in the skin can come from a number of different causes, using the wrong type of skin care products is one of those common irritants. Adjusting the skin care products you use to something that’s more soothing and hydrating can work wonders on helping to treat fine lines, redness and inflammation. Look at the skin care products you’re currently using and make some adjustments to products that are more focused on the hydration/soothing elements to give your skin what it’s needing to calm everything down. When switching your skin care products, make sure that you’re only using products that are formulated to work with your skin type.

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Clean Up Your Diet
Research is continuing to show that what we put in our body, in the form of food and beverages, has an incredible effect on our skin’s health. If you’re noticing fine lines, redness and inflammation in your skin it’s time to take a solid look at your diet. Eating a lot of food that consists of preservatives and sugar can prevent your skin from really healing as well as you’d like. Be honest with yourself about your diet, and start to make shifts to incorporate as many fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins as possible. These types of foods are loaded with essential nutrients that our skin needs to be able to heal itself. In addition, these types of foods have been found to help reduce inflammation and other skin conditions from the inside out.

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