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Treat Your Hands to a “Facial”

Woman getting a manicure

Typically, when we think of facial treatments with think of, well…our face.  Facials have been popular skin care treatments for our face for quite some time, but there are other types of facials that can be incredibly beneficial.  Yes, hand facials are a real thing!  You may be thinking….why do my hands need a facial?  Don’t worry, you know we’re always here to bring you all the information and we’re going to tell you why you should treat your hands to a facial.

While facials are really great for the skin on our face, our hands need a little TLC too.  In fact, our hands take quite a hit throughout our days.  If you really think about it…we use our hands for pretty much everything we do on a daily basis.  Since we do use our hands so much, they’re exposed to a lot of different elements that the skin on the rest of our bodies aren’t necessarily exposed too.  This is often why we tend to experience a lot of dryness, and wear and tear on our hands pretty consistently.  It’s also why many people say you can see a person’s age by looking at their hands.  All of these are reasons why our hands need a little extra care, probably more care then we’re actually giving our hands.  If you want to keep your hands soft, supple and get some anti-aging benefits out of it – you’re going to want to start taking your hand’s skin care a bit more seriously.

Woman getting a manicure in a salon

So what all goes into a hand facial?  Hand facials are pretty similar to the facials you think of when you get one done to the skin on your face.  The treatments typically begin with a massage and cleansing process to really eliminate any bacteria and oil from the skin, as well as getting the blood flowing through a massage.  After that you’ll typically experience some sort of exfoliating product that’s applied to the skin, depending on your specific skin’s needs.  Exfoliating is a great way to eliminate a lot of the dead skin cells and get your hands a nice fresh start.  Of course, that exfoliating product is followed up with a mask of some kind (typically hydrating) to give your hands that extra boost of TLC that they need.  Upon removing the mask, many experts apply warm towels to the hands to allow the ingredients to really soak into the skin and get the skin nice, soft and smooth.

Sounds pretty similar to a traditional facial?  There are different ways to treat your hands to a facial, many spa services include a hand facial with a manicure, or may have the treatment as a standalone type of service.  Additionally, you can always treat yourself with a little DIY hand facial treatment if you would rather do something like this at home.

Will you be trying a hand facial?

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