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Top Fashion Moments of the 90’s

Loved the 90s? You aren’t alone, and because so many others share your fondness of the decade, the 90s are back, and bigger than ever, thanks to a comfortable blend of nostalgia with modern sensibility. It was during the 90s that the term “Supermodel” was coined, thanks to stellar greats like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista (most memorable trademark comment from Ms. Evangelista was that she “didn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.”) These gorgeous women rocked the runways after coming onto the scene–forever changing how we regard models as superstars. Here are some of the more memorable moments from the decade.

How TV Sitcoms Introduced 90s Fashion into Homes
The general theme for the type of clothing that defined the 90s was zany, eclectic and offbeat, set into motion by a predominance of young 90s stars who were centrally featured in a variety of sitcoms. This new, relaxed form of creative dress found young girls of the time enjoying the artistic freedom it gave them. Looking back, we find Clarissa Darling, who dared to wear different bold prints together with oversized Keith Haring tees. Who doesn’t remember Blossom Russo’s trademark accessory being a hat from her collection? Other celebrated memory making icons of the 90s were Saved by the Bell stars Kelly Kapowski and Lisa Turtle.


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Never known to show up anywhere without making an effort to shock the world, the now-famous cone bra she wore for her Blond Ambition Tour of 1990 was more or less the beginning of many more envelope-pushing performances for the “Like a Virgin” girl.

Rockin’ in the 90s
Kurt Cobain certainly began the grunge trend. In every photograph, the Nirvana frontman could be seen wearing too-large, mismatched ensembles and uncombed, ratty looking hair. His significant other, Courtney always managed to show up with her particular fashion commentary borne of baby-doll dresses, heavily made up eyes and lips– and torn slips. Cobain certainly had a way of making a flannel shirt look good, though.

Spice Girls

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Other Honorable Mentions
Among other memorable moments, we find Cher Horowitz and her unforgettable plaids and rolled top knee socks, the seriously flashy and unique styles of each Spice Girl and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Will Smith, sporting those distinctive Jordans, his tracksuits in all colors and those Zubaz pants–which ultimately formed the look of hip hop.

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