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Tips n Tricks for Long, Luscious Hair

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Sought by many, attained by few–super-long hair is totally in right now. But growing out your hair isn’t just a waiting game: there are tons of tips that can get you from pixie to mermaid much faster.

Whether you already have beautiful long hair or are playing the waiting game and trying to grow it out, there are lots of ways to make sure your hair grows in fast, healthy, and beautiful. From your diet to the products you put on your hair, maintaining and upkeeping your hair is essential to letting it grow to its fullest, longest potential: read on for ways to do just that.

Be Nice to Your Ends
The longer your hair is, the thinner the bottoms will get. Because they’re “older” than the rest of your new hair, they’re weaker, more prone to damage, and more likely to get split ends. To keep this from happening and ensure your ends continue to stay healthy, make sure to apply conditioner daily (and not just in a rub-in-rinse-off way: leave it on for at least five minutes while you’re showering before rinsing it out).

Protect Your Hair
To keep those same strands from getting damaged or worn out, every hair-stylist will tell you to make sure you keep heat styling to a minimum and always protect with serums when you do. Go for a heat-resistant sealant serum that creates a heat-proof seal around the cuticle of your hair, protecting it from heat damage and giving your hair lots of shine in the process. This will keep your hair from breaking off and taking longer to grow.

Hair conditioning.

Mask (Not Just Your Face)
While you’re doing your weekly face mask, make sure to mask your hair as well: these super-intensive treatments are great for keeping your hair strong and healthy. Look for barrier-strengthening ingredients like ceramide, royal honey, and Vitamin B5 that all mimic the natural cuticle of your hair to protect it from splitting and breakage. If you want to go the DIY route, try extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil as an all-over hair mask once or twice a week: massaged into the scalp, it can help with dandruff and gives your hair an ultra-smooth shine (plus, you get to smell like coconuts).

Skip Your Ponytails for a Bit
Using rubber ponytail holders can damage your hair, especially if you’ve gotten used to using the holder in the same place for a long time. Repeated stress on one area of the hair will make it more susceptible to breaking, so try keeping your hair down for a bit, or at least, switch up the height of your ponytail.

Get Regular Trims
Although it may seem counterintuitive, regular trims are essential to growing out your hair. Trims get rid of dead, split-ended hair that’s beyond repair, and makes way for new growth that is healthier and longer-lasting than the other hair. Frequent trims will prevent split ends from creeping up the hair shaft and further splitting up your hair cuticles, which prohibits growth. It also keeps your style in check, since ratty strands are definitely not cute, no matter how long your hair is.

Have a long-hair tip you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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    use a conditioning mask biweekly and get your hair trimmed once every few months!

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    I really love Lionesse flat iron, it straightens my hair with just one stroke. I could iron my hair in just 5 minutes or less. Plus! It doesn’t make my hair look dry and frizzy. I love it when it was tried on my hair and I would really love to have one.

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    I try to keep heat styling to a minimum and eat healthy.

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    Growing my hair out drives me crazy…great tips

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    A serum, balm or mousse formulated to protect hair before drying or heat styling is important no matter the length of hair. I don’t usually dry my hair all the way with the dryer and let it finish by air drying. I cut the split ends by twisting my hair and trimming the frizzies.

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    Great tips! I’m growing out mine now. It’s finally to my bra line but I want it a bit longer like before.

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    I have long thin straight stringing hair.i regularly trim as well.masks are a must because my hair is very dry and brittle.i pretty much have lived by.still waiting for the luscious part.very hard to style.ive had very short hair and everything in between as well and find it just as difficult no matter the length.must persevere

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    Great tips! Another good one is to not wash your every day. Twice a week is plenty. If you work out or get sweaty, you can shower and just RINSE your hair without the shampoo! If your hair is damaged because of color processing or heat damage, like mine, definitely invest in masks, and ALWAYS keep your ends trimmed! If they’re split, they’ll continue to break your hair. Keeping your ends trimmed prevents this. Also, scalp treatments and vitamin supplements, like Biotin, are also great investments for long, luscious hair.

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