Skin Care May 25, 2017

Tips For Summer Safe Skin

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Another year, another summer season is going to be here before we know it. While many of us really enjoy all of the great attributes the summers bring our way, the summer weather tends to do a number on our skin’s health and appearance. Before you worry about not being able to enjoy the summer weather to the fullest, we’re sharing some tips for summer safe skin. We want to make sure you’re able to enjoy the weather, and all that summer has to offer, but in a way that keeps your skin safe and healthy all season long.

Never Leave Without SPF
SPF continues to be a step in everyone’s skin care routine that needs to be a necessity. Regardless of your skin type and color, SPF is an essential part of any summer safe skin care routine. Because the sun tends to be so harsh on our skin, one of the best ways to keep our skin well protected throughout the summer season is to simply make SPF application a daily routine. Experts suggest that you should apply SPF to your skin 20-30 minutes prior to leaving your house to allow your skin enough time to fully absorb the SPF protection. In addition to that, it’s been found that SPF only holds its protection abilities for 2-3 hours. This means, after that amount of time you should be reapplying your SPF throughout the day.

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Focus on Hydration
In addition to the tips mentioned above, we can’t forget to mention that hydration should be something that you’re heavily focusing on throughout the summer months. The sun and warm weather tends to suck a lot of the natural moisture and hydration out of our skin. That being said, it’s up to us to make sure that we’re providing our skin with enough hydration to keep it healthy. When our skin is well hydrated, it’s much stronger and able to protect itself in a much better way. Applying a quality moisturizing product to your skin, consistently (especially after exfoliating) is key to maintaining hydration. But don’t forget to make sure you’re drinking enough water, too!

Make Sure You’re Exfoliating Regularly
Exfoliating your skin has been an increasingly common skin care tip discussed. To be honest, it’s because exfoliating can be such a beneficial step in your skin care routine. Our skin tends to get built up with dead skin cells, oils and dirt-all things that exfoliating helps to remove from the skin’s surface. In other words, exfoliating your skin helps keep your skin in a much healthier state. However, it’s not just about keeping your skin healthy. Exfoliating also helps to remove elements that can potentially keep moisturizing and  SPF products from being fully absorbed into the skin. Getting into the routine of exfoliating your entire body 2-3 times a week is going to keep your skin healthy, and make sure that your skin is fully absorbing any other skin care products you’re applying to your skin to keep it protected and safe throughout the summer season.

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