Beauty November 15, 2016

The Truth About The #NoMakeup Trend

woman happy no makeup

You may have noticed on social media and celebrities walking the red carpet, there’s been an increase in these public figures going without makeup.  It seems like more and more of these beauties are stepping out on the red carpet with #nomakeup and posting pictures and videos with the same.  It got us thinking about what really is behind this #nomakeup trend, so we’re chatting about the truth about the #nomakeup trend with you.  We’ve all been so ingrained in wearing makeup, not leaving the house without it that it’s definitely a shock to see such a big shift occurring across the media.

It’s A Confidence Thing
The New York Times recently discussed their view on the #nomakeup trend, and feel like it’s the “coolest new beauty trend.”  We’ve recently been living in a world where filters and makeup are perfectly applied to give us that “perfect” look…but what’s perfect, anyways?  The celebs that have been posting pictures without any makeup on really are all about embracing themselves in the skin they’re in.  We can all apply makeup, and add filters to our pictures, but if we don’t really feel good in our skin – what’s all the rest really for?  Sure makeup and filters are fun, but we still need to make sure that we’re not only feeling confident when we have those things applied to our pictures.

woman happy no makeup

It Boosts The Importance Of A Healthy Skin Care Routine
Let’s be honest, many of us tend to wear makeup on a regular basis to ‘cover’ certain things in our skin that we may not be crazy about.  But going makeup free, really, is encouraging to us all to really take care of our skin.  Do you want to feel confident without makeup on?   Getting your skin care routine in check and on point is going to play a major role in you achieving that.  Going fresh faced is so much easier when you feel like your skin looks healthy all on its own.  We’re not saying your skin has to be perfect, because again… what’s perfect?  But we want you to feel confident going out without any makeup on sometimes, and we know that by using quality skin care products that are designed for your skin type and keeping yourself on a strict schedule with your regimen will do wonders for you.  We get it, sometimes going through your entire skin care routine every morning and evening can seem a bit daunting.  But if you really want to master the #nomakeup trend yourself, and feel confident in the process it’s worth it!

The #nomakeup trend is really more than just not wearing makeup, it’s embracing the skin you’re in and really celebrating you and your skin.  Some people feel like it’s a feminist movement, with women taking a stand to show that they’re just as beautiful without makeup, while some feel it’s more of a statement to just feel a little more free – not trapped into thinking you HAVE to wear makeup daily to be beautiful.

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