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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin

Woman with alcohol

If you are like most women, you spend a decent amount of time on looking your best–with cosmetics and hairstyles, clothing and style. Maybe you perform routine skin care therapies like exfoliators, peels and the latest finds for luminous skin. You check out your look in the mirror and make sure you have everything in place, and add or take away to your makeup before you leave the house. Additionally, if you are like a lot of people, you enjoy kicking back with friends or going out clubbing where you might consume alcoholic beverages in a quantity that could nullify all your hard work to get great skin. While moderate drinking is not the problem, when increased, alcohol is not anyone’s skin-friend.

The Short and Long of it
Alcohol does a lot more than help you to forget your worries and woes. It’s important to understand that the very beverage of choice that gives you a more exuberant, fully entertaining personality is simultaneously hard at work dehydrating your skin (the body’s largest organ,) and the rest of your body. There’s no lotion that can counteract the damage from this repetitive kind of dehydration. And as a result of this dehydration process, you concurrently lose out on many vital skin nutrients and vitamins before your skin ever gets the benefit of them. Excessive alcohol consumption over time can produce a spotty appearance on your face that is difficult to cover without looking like your makeup is caked on. When you develop a lifestyle of consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverages, there are many other detrimental skin issues ahead, which you can pretty much count on.

Wrinkles to Come
A side effect of having a passionate relationship with frozen margaritas or pina coladas that’s guaranteed will be the development of alcohol’s signature puffy face, which, in and of itself is unsightly and far from a good look for anyone. This look can counteract every bit of hard work and time you may have put into looking great, and there is no concealer, foundation, highlighting hack or other that can diminish this alcohol-induced puffy face appearance. With enough time, the puffy face will become your default appearance, for all time. With each successive drinking session that’s sufficient enough to produce this puffiness, your skin is being stretched out, beyond its normal capacity. What this means to your youthful appearance is not good. The repeated stretching outward will soon transform your skin to lose its ability to ever properly retract back, even once the effects of the alcohol have completely exited your system.

Real Possibility of Rosacea
There is scientific evidence pointing to how long-term alcohol consumption is linked to this unsightly skin disorder. Rosacea initially begins appearing as a type of blushing that might make you look like a really healthy person who just came indoors from a vigorous romp in a gusty wind, however this quickly proceeds to being more aggressive and widespread, and can eventually lead to becoming disfiguring. While treatable, the surgical process is expensive and not 100% guaranteed to be successful.

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