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Techniques That Reduce Stress

Most of us all struggle with dealing with stress in our lives.  We definitely live in a high-stress society that almost feels like we’re wrong if we’re NOT stressed out.  But the truth is, stress has a lot of negative effects on our bodies and health overall.  It’s incredibly important that we find ways to handle stress, so that we don’t reach a breaking point and suffer major consequences from NOT limiting our stress levels.  While we can’t change society, and the everyday stress that can come along with it, there are techniques that reduce stress that you can adapt into your daily life.

Make Time For YOU
When you live a busy life (as we all do) it can be difficult to feel like there’s any time at all for yourself, let alone time to relax.  But…you HAVE to make the time.  The thing is if we don’t make the time for ourselves, no one else is going to do it for us.  Make it a non-negotiable to make time that’s dedicated to YOU.  It doesn’t have to be hours upon hours every day, but you should do something for yourself on a daily basis.  Even if it’s going to the gym, or going on a walk – whatever it is that you enjoy and brings you a little relief to your life.  Figure out what you want to start doing for YOU, and determine ways to incorporate them into your daily life.  Schedule them if you need to, but make them a priority.

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Stay/Get Active
One of the best ways that experts have found to reduce stress is to exercise regularly.  Getting your body moving and stimulated physically has been found to help you take your mind off of the stressors in your life, and focus on something else for a bit.  That ‘escape’ allows you to disconnect and really do something that benefits your health, wellness, and bring stress levels down by quite a bit.

Eliminate What You Can
The truth is, there are some areas of our lives that bring us stress that we can eliminate if we wanted.  If you’re experiencing a lot of stress in your life, it’s time to realize what brings you unnecessary stress and find a way to either distance yourself or eliminate them as much as you can.  Maybe it just means spending less time with certain people.  The point is, you know where your stressors are coming from and there’s no problem with figuring out ways to distance yourself from the things that aren’t bringing you positivity.

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Get Into A Healthy Habit/Routine
Most of us have a tendency of getting into some bad habits and routines (or lack of), it’s been found that when we incorporate more structure or routine into our lives (especially in the morning and evening) we’re able to feel more organized and less stressed.  In addition, when we’re stressed we often want to go to things like sugars, caffeine and other food groups that don’t necessarily do us any favors.  Instead of going for the junk food right away, resist the urge and instead focus on maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet.  You’ll feel better, your body will love you for it and you’ll have so much more energy.

What techniques do you use to reduce stress?

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