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Take A Weekend To Detox Your Face

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Our skin is exposed to so many different things on a daily basis. Between chemicals in different products to pollutants in the air…not to mention any internal health struggles. Our skin takes a LOT of stress and pressure on throughout our lives. Just like we need to rest and rejuvenate every once in a while, our skin needs the same thing. If you’ve been feeling like your skin isn’t looking as healthy and glowing as you’d like, it could be time to take a weekend to detox your face. We have some tips on how to take a weekend to detox your face and get your skin back on track.

Skip Makeup for the Weekend
So you’re ready to detox your face? One of the best things to do to detox your face is give your skin a break from makeup altogether. Take the weekend to be makeup free, this means absolutely no makeup application. Giving your skin a break from makeup is a great way to allow your skin to breathe throughout the few days and really just ‘be.’

Clean Up Your Liquids
Taking a weekend to detox your face, does mean you’re also going to be detoxing your body internally a bit as well. Since our skin is so vastly impacted by our internal health, they really go hand in hand. Make it a point, during your weekend detox time, to drink as much water as possible. In addition to incorporating more water intake, many experts suggest adding some tea into the mix. Teas like green tea, ginger and dandelion are great at giving your body/skin nutrients it needs and also helps to flush toxins out of the body-helping your face to go through a really great detox.

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Adjust Your Food
We mentioned liquids, but that doesn’t mean you can have a free for all with your food and snack intake! During this weekend detox, cut out as much junk and processed foods as possible. Avoiding anything processed, with sugar and alcohol is going to be huge in helping your body to flush out any of the toxins in your skin. Instead, replace those things with fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins to stay full and also give your skin the nutrients it needs to fully adapt.

Give Yourself a Little At-home Spa Session
Of course, we can’t forget about the other skin care related ways to help detox your face. Giving yourself a little at-home spa session is going to be the icing on the cake to helping you fully detox your face. Use a great exfoliating treatment on your skin to remove any of the dead skin cells and oil build up on the surface of your skin. In addition to an exfoliating treatment, try steaming your skin/face to help your skin naturally flush out any toxins at the surface. Finally, top it all off with a quality clay/mud mask. These types of masks are great for detoxing the skin and getting rid of a lot of the ‘stuff’ we tend to have built up in the skin.

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