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When to Use Retinol

Skin Care November 3, 2016

Apply Your Retinol Products After Dark

If you’ve been paying attention to the ingredients in your skin care products, especially any anti-aging products, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the use of retinol in many of them.  Retinol has grown to become a very commonly used ingredient in many anti-aging products, it’s said to be a milder version of tretinoin, which is an ingredient used in many prescription only skin care products.  Both ingredients have been found to have many benefits in reducing the appearance of…

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Skin Care January 6, 2016

Retinol, Why You Should Be Starting in Your 20s

Retinol–you’ve heard the term floating around in the expanse of cosmetics, but you may not have realized how much it could do for you, and why you should begin adding retinol to your beauty regimen even in your 20s. Retinoids are basically the effective stuff of vitamin A that–in as little as four weeks–can wondrously smooth your skin, unclogs your pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines by boosting collagen and cell turnover while evening out any facial discoloration. Tretinoin…

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