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Skin Care June 15, 2017

Caring For Your Skin In Different Climates

Woman in mountain climate

Traveling is one of the most incredible aspects of the world we live in. With so many places to visit, offering so many different experiences and climate shifts there’s definitely no lack of options. The summer time tends to be one of the preferred times of year to travel and experience a lot of these places our world has to offer. While traveling itself is incredibly exciting, it can put a lot of stress on our skin-especially when traveling to…

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Beauty July 15, 2015

Essential Beauty Tips for Constant Travelers

For those who are always on the road, your skin and beauty routine could likely be paying for it. Sometimes, women forget to properly care for their skin and their face as a whole while busy doing everything else – and when you travel, your skin is exposed to pollutants and other debris which you aren’t generally used to being exposed to. Today, Lionesse has some essential beauty tips for you constant female travelers who find yourself struggling in some…

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