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Beauty Skin Care July 26, 2016

Three Ways To Improve Your Complexion

If we’re really honest, no matter how nice our skin and complexion is we’re always looking for ways to improve it.  Our skin tends to be something that we’re rarely 100% satisfied with.  It got us thinking about what are some ways for us to improve our complexion.  So naturally, we did some research and stumbled about three ways to improve your complexion.  If you’re at a place with your skin where you want to improve it even a tad,…

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Skin Care July 21, 2016

Healing Acne Scars

If you’ve suffered from acne at any point in your life, you may be dealing with the scars from those pesky breakouts.  You’re probably frustrated feeling like that acne was bad enough, who wants to deal with scars also?  We feel you on that one.  Unfortunately, it’s just part of life and acne.  The good news is we’ve discovered some ways to help you in healing acne scars that have been found to have tremendous results for many who have…

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Beauty Hair Skin Care July 19, 2016

Skincare for Girls with Bangs

Bangs have been quite a comeback this season, and while you may love the look of bangs you may also be wondering why your skin seems different when you have them.  We did a little searching and discovered some of the ways that bangs could be causing breakouts to happen.  It’s not typically something you think about when you go in for a haircut, but definitely worth considering!   We’re sharing our must-know skincare tips for girls with bangs so you’re…

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Skin Care July 14, 2016

Risks of Using Low Quality Razors

Most of us want to make our shaving process as easy, hassle-free, and quick as possible.  And if we’re really honest we’d like to spend as little money as possible to get it accomplished.  We want the smooth look, but it’s not always the easiest thing to achieve.  While it’s easy to buy whatever razors are on sale and not really think twice about what kind of razor you’re purchasing or using, let alone whether it’s high or low quality. …

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Skin Care July 12, 2016

Skincare Products and Sunburn

Sunburn can definitely cause problems with your skin. We’ve heard it time and time again, that we need to make sure we’re applying enough sunscreen before leaving the house to avoid getting sunburn.  While many of us are all about treating our skin right and using different skincare products to help keep our skin on point and helping to avoid sunburns, what you may not realize is there are some skincare products that can actually lead to sunburns.  Since we…

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Skin Care July 5, 2016

Total Body Exfoliation

We always hear that exfoliation is a huge key to achieving healthy skin, and really maintaining the appearance of our skin.  However, often times we only think of exfoliating the skin on our face and tend to forget about the rest of our bodies.  Because let’s face it – most of us only think of wrinkles and the state of our skin of our face and really just push the rest to the side.  But let’s get real, the skin…

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Skin Care June 29, 2016

Air Conditioning and Your Skin

It’s the middle of summer, and it’s likely your house and office is blasting the air conditioning.  As the temperatures and humidity levels rise, the temperatures indoor lower.  While we love stepping into a cool home after dealing with the heat outside, does air conditioning have a negative effect on our skin?  There’s a lot of chatter around whether it negatively impacts our skin’s health – as we all sit in a cool air conditioned homes.  So we’re going to dive…

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Beauty Lifestyle June 28, 2016

The Aloe Vera Fix-All

In the world we live in, we’re all looking towards more natural approaches to health and skin care treatments.  And let’s face it, we all love fix-all items that just seem to work for everything.  Aloe vera has become known as one of those natural, fix-all things that just seem to work wonders.  This is likely why there are now so many different forms of aloe vera available now.  From aloe gel and latex to supplements made to add aloe…

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Beauty Skin Care June 23, 2016

Saving Your Bikini Line

Let’s face it with summer comes bikini season and with bikini season comes taking a little extra time to care for our bikini line.  It’s an extremely delicate area of skin and can get easily irritated when shaving and removing the hair from that area.  Because it’s so delicate it’s essential that you take the necessary steps for taking care of this area.  Rashes, ingrown hairs, etc. aren’t going to go with your favorite swimsuit so we might as well…

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Beauty Skin Care June 21, 2016

The Secrets Behind Scar Fade Cream

It’s not uncommon to have a scar somewhere on your body.  However, some scars are more noticeable than others and can just be frustrating to constantly see.  There have been so many different products, tips, tricks that have been said to get rid of the appearance of scars.  With the rise in technology and information within the beauty and skincare industry, it’s not surprising that there have been a ton of scar fading creams hitting the market.  If you’ve been…

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