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Skin Care for Teens

Skin Care August 23, 2016

Clear Skin Advice For Tweens

Achieving clear skin as a tween isn’t always the easiest thing.  With the changes that are happening in your body, diet, and everything else it can sometimes feel nearly impossible to keep or get clear skin.  Fortunately, there are some ways for tweens to get a handle on their skin and help to achieve clearer skin without feeling too frustrated or embarrassed about it.  We’re sharing some of the best tips we’ve discovered to help your tweens get clear skin…

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Skin Care July 8, 2015

Simple Skin Care Routine for Your Teen

By this point in your child’s life, she should have developed a simple skin care routine that helps her to keep her face free and clear of dirt, oil, and debris. Around the time of puberty and beyond, this type of daily skin care regimen is exceptionally important to avoid acne. In some instances, however, genetics play a huge role in the outcome of your child’s skin type, and some people are just oily and prone to acne. There really…

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