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Skin Care April 16, 2016

Pre-Prom Skincare Breakout

Ahhh, springtime, when you’re in high school the start of spring is also considered pre-prom season. Everyone’s thinking about their dresses, hair, dates, etc. Because of course…you want it all to be PERFECT. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a breakout the day of (or before) an event as exciting and important as prom. So considering a pre-prom skincare prep is a great idea to help you prevent breakouts as much as possible for your exciting day. Here are some…

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Beauty April 12, 2016

Perfect Prom Spraytan

Prom is such an exciting time! Finding the perfect dress, and shoes, getting your hair and makeup done, and of course…getting your glow on with a spray tan. Spray tans are such a great, healthy way to get a little color for such a special event. There are some important factors and tips to take into consideration prior to getting your prom spray tan to ensure you have the gorgeous faux glow you’re looking for on your big day. Do…

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Skin Care April 29, 2015

Hacks to Hide that Last Minute Zit

Now that prom is literally knocking at your door, you have everything ready – your dress, shoes, purse, and hair and makeup styles. Nothing could go wrong – or so you thought. You wake up on the morning of prom to find an annoying, ugly zit on your forehead. What are you going to do? While there is probably no quick fix to diminish this pesky problem before night falls, there are things you can do to hide it’ presence…

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Skin Care April 27, 2015

Prom Skin Care Countdown

As prom is fast approaching, you’ve got a lot on your mind. School work, friends, your date for prom, family things going on, and overall, you’re fairly stressed – yet excited. As most of us know, stress can be a huge cause for concern when it comes to our skin. Being stressed out or even excited can trigger rather unsightly reactions within our skin, leaving acne and breakouts in its wake. What can be done to fix this problem? Nobody…

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