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Beauty Makeup September 10, 2015

How to Get a Natural Glowing Skin Look with Makeup

It’s no secret that we all long for beautiful glowing skin, and while very few are lucky enough to achieve this look naturally, most of us have to rely on makeup to help us out. The key is to use the makeup to our advantage for the look we want without using too much. The perfect balance will help your skin glow while still appearing natural. Stress-free Equals Naturally Great Skin! Before we start talking about makeup however, let’s first…

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Beauty June 18, 2015

Nostalgic Beauty Products from the 80’s

The 80’s boasted a time of beauty, style, fashion, and new trends that were unlike anything ever seen before it’s time. Many women began using cosmetic products in a different manner, making use of various colors and application styles. We were all partial to one brand or the other, and most of us had sincere brand loyalty back in those days. If you were a Covergirl girl, you most certainly wouldn’t touch Revlon – and so on, and so forth.…

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