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Beauty Makeup Skin Care December 23, 2015

What Are Pore Putty Products?

Right from the start, the mention of pore putty sounds like a magical way to use cosmetics products to resurface the skin, avoid surgical procedures and delay questionable injections–but all the while, enjoy the same benefits. Sound good? You may be surprised to discover that there are some new amazing products that offer advanced skin smoothing performance not to be ignored. New Stuff to Notice Putty–most people, upon hearing this word, imagine a thick white product in a container that…

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Skin Care November 27, 2015

Top Beauty Ingredients in Native American Skin Care

Because of the environmental easy access by which Native Americans were surrounded, their ambient access to nature’s finest storehouse of naturally rich in nutrient botanicals was a given. Their cosmetics aisles, their pharmacies and their churches were all located within their naturally occurring environment. This, for most purposes, did not mean that procurement of the ingredient-laden plants and wildlife and subsequent methods of preparation for use was anything close to being easy, as most such efforts to concoct, crush, measure…

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