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Skin Care March 19, 2016

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing: are you brushing your… skin? You brush your hair and teeth daily, but what about your skin? You may have noticed this ancient practice picking up popularity, many luxury spas are offering it, but what is it? Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies yet we tend to only take care of the skin on our face, neck and (maybe) hands – the rest kind of goes to the wayside. This is where dry brushing comes…

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Skin Care December 7, 2015

Exfoliation: What it is, and Why You NEED to Do it!

If you tend to think of exfoliation as a somewhat new technique for the advanced treatment of skin, you are not alone. While it is common for the majority of women to imagine that exfoliation is this clever, new and revolutionary way of going deep in the war against skin problems, breakouts and clogged pores, the truth is that exfoliation has been here much longer than any of us. As far back as in ancient Egyptian times, there were various…

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Skin Care November 16, 2015

Here’s How You Can Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Most of us go through the majority of our years without having to pay any special attention to the size of our pores. A good many folks are forced to deal with acne, blackheads and the spectrum of pore-produced skin problems that arise sometime during adolescence. These various skin conditions will either subside or continue to plague certain unfortunate sufferers for a longer stretch of life. The size of a person’s pores has little to do with anything they might…

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