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Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Hair July 23, 2016

Beating Itchy Summer Scalp

It’s frustrating for anyone to have an itchy scalp, unfortunately, the summer season tends to cause itchier scalp for many.  If you’re one of those people that tend to feel like their scalp is even itchier in the summer season, we feel for you!  We’re always looking for ways to help you out, so we did a little searching to discover some of the best-known ways to beat itchy summer scalp.  Ready to say goodbye to itchy summer scalp?  We’ve…

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Hair May 27, 2016

Maintaining a Clean, Healthy Scalp

Scalp health is highly underrated and not discussed enough.  We’ve all read tons of articles on how to create gorgeous hairstyles but rarely stop to think about the health of our scalp.  The fact of the matter is we truly can’t obtain a gorgeous hairstyle if our scalp isn’t healthy.  It’s just what it is!  So it’s time we  start talking about scalp health, to get you started we’re going to share some of our favorite tips for maintaining a…

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