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Fashion September 2, 2015

Goth Style Inspiration: Lorde

Goth style was once relegated to awkward high school kids and shock rockers. Yet in recent years, we’ve been seeing elements of goth culture creeping onto the red carpet and high-fashion catwalks. Singer Lorde has brought goth style to the forefront in a big way. The talented young performer is known for her dark look and her unique style. Successfully avoiding the unapproachable and terrifying appearance that some goth goers are going for, this “soft goth” has actually popped up…

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Beauty August 31, 2015

Most Iconic Goth Looks

Goth has come and gone and come back again from popular culture over the years, but it always seems to find its way into some pretty iconic spots in our minds. Goth is a wide-ranging term that can be interpreted in many ways, from a culture to a fashion, to a way of life. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic goth looks throughout the years. Movies Movies and music are seemingly covered with classic Goth characters,…

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