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Beauty Skin Care February 22, 2016

Tips for Kissable Lips

Need to prepare for a night with your significant other? Follow these easy tips for soft, kissable lips! You’re going out on a date: you’ve done your hair, your makeup looks perfect, and your outfit has been obsessed over. You look gorgeous! The last thing you want is for the grand crescendo–the kiss–to end with crusty awkwardness because of some dry lips. Don’t worry: soft, kissable lips are very easy to obtain. Exfoliate! This part is essential. In order to properly…

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Beauty October 2, 2015

Caring For Lips

When it comes to lips, most people just treat them like a continuation of the rest of their face, with the only possible distinction being that they apply lipstick, chapstick, gloss or some kind of balm from time to time. Of course, for anyone who gets those cold sores from time to time, they must then direct some form of specific attention and healing therapy to their lips, whenever these wretched beauty-wreckers appear. And whether any real aid in expediting…

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Skin Care September 17, 2015

Victorian Era Skin Care Practices

Skin care has always been important to people, but how we take care of our skin changes from era to era. In the Victorian times, appearances were very important, and so was skin care. Some of the ways they took care of their skin, though, was drastically different than today’s skin care practices – although some things have not changed all that much! Some of their practices may seem quite strange to us, but to Victorian men and women, these…

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Makeup July 10, 2015

Preteens and Makeup? When is it Too Young? When to Start?

From an early age most little girls watch their mothers put on makeup with a little bit of awe and wonder in their eyes. They long to know when they are going to be able to grow up to put on all those magical colors, and lotions. Many little girls will swipe a bit of their mom’s lip gloss to put on in secret to get a feel for what that glorious color does to their lips. So if you…

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Beauty June 18, 2015

Nostalgic Beauty Products from the 80’s

The 80’s boasted a time of beauty, style, fashion, and new trends that were unlike anything ever seen before it’s time. Many women began using cosmetic products in a different manner, making use of various colors and application styles. We were all partial to one brand or the other, and most of us had sincere brand loyalty back in those days. If you were a Covergirl girl, you most certainly wouldn’t touch Revlon – and so on, and so forth.…

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