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Skin Care April 30, 2016

How Do Soap Free and Oil Free Cleansers Work?

The skin care industry has skyrocketed and there are more options and formulations available now than ever before.  Recently, there’s been an increase in soap-free and oil-free cleansers hitting the market and it’s leaving a lot of consumers wondering what that really means…and how they really work.  With all the “__-free” products, it can be overwhelming to make an actual purchasing decision in today’s world.  How do we know what we need a product free of?  Or what we actually…

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Skin Care April 28, 2016

Eye Puffiness and the Amber Eye Cream

Ever feel like you always look tired?  There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up and looking in the mirror to see that you look like you’re still tired.  Eye puffiness has long been a frustration for many people, it’s hard to find something that actually works.  On the plus side, advances in technology and science have led to a huge improvements in skin care formulas including more effective solutions for under eye issues. You’ve probably already tried a multitude of…

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Skin Care April 21, 2016

Skincare Tips for Men

Guys, it’s not just the ladies that need to be spending time upping their skin care game.  You do, too!  If you’re still just using a bar of soap to wash your face, it’s time to revisit your skin care routine and make some adjustments.  You have skin, just like the ladies, and you’re exposed to the same elements so why not take some extra time to care for your skin a little more?  You deserve it just like the…

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Beauty Skin Care February 17, 2016

Classic Glamour Secrets: Olive Oil & Petroleum Jelly

If you’re of a certain age, you probably watched your grandmother slather on cold cream at night, swear by Vaseline, and do all other sorts of outdated beauty routines that you don’t typically find practiced today. But your grandmother had a point (as they always do): some old-school beauty secrets are definitely worth keeping around. One of the most common old-school classic glamour secrets is olive oil. Olive oil is a super versatile, readily available oil, with little-to-no scent and…

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Beauty March 27, 2015

Spring Beauty Updates

When it comes to updating your beauty products, skin care products, and even your clothing, there’s no better time to get it done than with the changing of the seasons. If you are in need of updating and organizing your life, now is the time to get it done – and Lionesse has some helpful tips to help you get your life spring ready. Change Up Your Hairstyle Now that the colder months are over, you might want to consider…

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Beauty March 14, 2015

Are These Beauty Mistakes Aging You?

There are many things we as women can do to maintain our appearance on a daily basis. For example, applying cosmetic products, fixing our hair into a fashionable style, or applying creams and lotions to our skin. What if some of the things you were doing to improve your looks were actually causing more harm than good? Today, Lionesse would like to provide some insight as to some of the beauty mistakes you might be making every day which might…

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Hair March 4, 2015

The Afro: 60’s Statement

Back in the decade of the 1960’s, the afro became a signature hairstyle, particularly among many African-Americans. Both males and females of the African-American descent became acid fans and wearers of this highly popular hairstyle trend. Lionesse Beauty Bar examines this popular trend here. Historical/Political Impact of the 60’s Afro Hairstyle The Afro hairstyle was influenced by the American Civil Rights movement. Popular African American jazz musicians and students began wearing their hair naturally kinky and unstraightened and untreated (not…

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Skin Care January 23, 2015

Lionesse Reports on Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching or skin whitening has become popular among those seeking more perfect, flawless skin. Many celebrity women have this done on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of perfection, while those generally interested in maintaining an overall flawless look opt for the same types of treatments as well. Lionesse would like to help you understand more about this new trend in skin care, and learn more about the benefits it provides. Changing Your Skin Color Entirely Michael Jackson…

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