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Beauty Lifestyle June 22, 2017

Safety Tips For Body Piercing

Woman with nose piercing

Whether you’re thinking about getting your ears pierced, your bellybutton or another body part getting a body piercing isn’t something to take lightly. While it’s a common practice  and something that’s been done for many years, there can be complications when getting a body piercing. We’re all about enjoying your life and getting body piercings when you see fit for yourself, but because there are risks involved we want you to be aware of some safety tips. Staying true to…

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Lifestyle December 30, 2016

Start Your New Year With A Germ Free Work Space

Ahhh the beginning of a New Year, there’s something so refreshing about it – isn’t there?  It’s this great opportunity to start fresh in areas of your life, and begin a new year working towards new goals and objectives.  You’ve likely had some extra days off from work recently and as you get back into the normal routine of things at the office, you’re probably eager to find ways to refresh your workspace.  Since we’re officially in the swing of…

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Lifestyle November 17, 2016

Try These Relaxing Rainy Day Activities

There’s something about rainy days that can leave some of us feeling a bit stir crazy.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck inside and not really sure what to actually do with the time since being outside isn’t an option (or doesn’t sound like fun).  We feel that rainy days can be a great time to get a little much needed relaxation time in the books – why not make the most of it, right?  Not sure what we…

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Lifestyle August 25, 2016

Healthy Family Activities

As families across the US start to get into the back to school routine, getting everyone on a healthy activity schedule is another factor that comes into play.  Everyone’s schedules are a little different with the kids in school and it can be really easy to fall into a routine of watching TV and everyone on their phones/tablets at the end of the day.  But recent studies and knowledge have come out to show that we ALL need to be…

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