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Beauty July 4, 2017

Quick Fixes: Lemon & Honey

Lemon slices and a jar of honey

Quick Fixes: Lemon & Honey. Lemon and honey aren’t just great for making your favorite meals with, they’re also loaded with pretty powerful beauty hack abilities. Lately, many of us have started to look to natural remedies for our beauty needs because there’s been such a rediscovery of the incredible ingredients most of us have in our kitchens right now. Chances are you have lemon and honey somewhere in your home, and after you find out some of their ‘quick…

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Skin Care October 14, 2015

Greek Skin Care Products

We owe a lot to our Greek predecessors–in fact, most people have no idea just how much we have directly extrapolated from the Greek culture to form the way we live today. Manners of operation, customs, styles, fashion and of course, education and thinking, have all been heavily influenced by our Greek forebearers. The Greeks were known for their high standards of beauty. They also developed many innovative operations to facilitate luxury, improved lifestyles and comfort for the times that…

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