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Beauty March 22, 2016

Removing Heavy Makeup

Makeup is a glorious thing for women to use as a form of self-expression, however, it doesn’t come without a few potential hiccups. Whether you’re going out for a fun night out or have a special occasion, when you have a full face of makeup on the way you remove the product is crucial to your skin’s health. Perfecting the makeup removal process is incredibly important, so that means no falling asleep with your makeup on! This holds even truer…

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Beauty June 2, 2015

Packing Your Beauty Items for a Weekend Getaway

When you’re planning for a weekend getaway, the last thing you’ll probably do is pack your suitcase and get ready to hit the road. Let’s suppose all of your clothes are packed, and you’ve got everything you need ready. Now, it’s time to pack your beauty items. Are you sure what you should bring? Are you just aimlessly throwing products into a makeup bag, simply because they’re your favorites? The items you pack for a weekend getaway should be based…

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Beauty May 29, 2015

Post Cosplay Skin Care

Cosplay makeup is usually quite heavy, leaving your skin to fend for itself when the products are applied, and then trying to figure out what to do with itself when it’s removed. It can be a lot of fun to indulge in this type of makeup every once in a while, but it’s not something you want to do too often. To properly care for your skin afterward, you may need to treat your skin with a bit more TLC…

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Beauty May 27, 2015

Prep Your Skin for Serious Makeup

When you are going to be applying a lot of cosmetic products to your face, your skin might not react in the best of ways. That’s why it’s so important to prep your skin before the actual makeup application to ensure you have the best overall look, and skin, after it’s all said and done. Lionesse has put together some tips on prepping your skin for a heavy duty makeup application, and we suggest giving these tips a try to…

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