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Lifestyle April 23, 2016

Lymphedema Requires Special Treatment

Lymphedema is rapidly becoming more and more known amount people.  Thanks to modern technology and science doctors are more educated and understanding of diseases than they were years before.  We’re now able to have more information than ever about so many diseases and what their causes and care are.  If you’re not familiar with lymphedema it’s a disease that occurs when a person’s lymph vessels aren’t able to drain lymph fluid.  We now know that the lymphatic system is hugely…

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Hair March 8, 2016

Foods that Promote Hair Health

A lot of girls have experienced the frustrating process of trying to grow their hair out: countless days spent in front of the mirror, ruler in hand, or taking in armfuls of products that promise to condition your hair into luxurious lengths. While using appropriate hair care is essential to maintaining long hair, it won’t necessarily make it grow any faster: just like your skin, the beauty and length of your hair comes primarily from the inside. Hair, like almost…

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