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Lifestyle January 14, 2017

Exercises That Improve Your Lung Capacity

woman deep breathing

Our lungs and their health play a major role in our overall health.  Clearly, if we struggle to breathe it puts a damper on our health as a whole.  If you’re eager to really ensure that your lungs are healthy and have a higher capacity, you’re going to want to start taking some steps to help increase their health.  One really great way to do that is to start doing some specific exercises that improve your lung capacity.  We realize…

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Skin Care August 8, 2016

What Your Lip Color Reveals About Your Health

You’ve likely heard before that our skin can reveal a lot about your health, but there’s been a lot coming out to show that your lip color can reveal different things about your health as well.  It’s becoming more and more aware that our internal health and state of health shows signs in other ways, like our external appearance(s).  It’s said that telling a person’s health by their lips is something that’s been practiced for quite some time in traditional…

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Lifestyle April 23, 2016

Lymphedema Requires Special Treatment

Lymphedema is rapidly becoming more and more known amount people.  Thanks to modern technology and science doctors are more educated and understanding of diseases than they were years before.  We’re now able to have more information than ever about so many diseases and what their causes and care are.  If you’re not familiar with lymphedema it’s a disease that occurs when a person’s lymph vessels aren’t able to drain lymph fluid.  We now know that the lymphatic system is hugely…

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Skin Care January 4, 2016

Post Holiday Skin Care Tips

If your holiday season is on its way to wrapping up, if you are beginning to feel like you probably should have given yourself a little more attention over the past whirlwind of activities celebrating the holidays, you’re not alone. It is fairly common to wind up on the other end of the more intensely packed times of life only to discover that we’ve given ourselves the short end of the stick, with insufficient attention paid to our health and…

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