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Lifestyle January 19, 2017

Foods That Won’t Make You Feel Better When You Are Sick

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The winter season is known for the weather changes, the holiday season and of course…the sick season.  We don’t like to focus on the negatives around here, but it’s no secret that people tend to get sick more often this time of year.  Of course, when you’re sick, it’s all about getting rest, drinking a lot of fluids and taking any necessary vitamins/medicine to speed up your recovery.  But it’s also important to make sure you’re eating, as difficult as…

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Lifestyle September 29, 2016

Techniques That Reduce Stress

Most of us all struggle with dealing with stress in our lives.  We definitely live in a high-stress society that almost feels like we’re wrong if we’re NOT stressed out.  But the truth is, stress has a lot of negative effects on our bodies and health overall.  It’s incredibly important that we find ways to handle stress, so that we don’t reach a breaking point and suffer major consequences from NOT limiting our stress levels.  While we can’t change society,…

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Skin Care August 8, 2016

What Your Lip Color Reveals About Your Health

You’ve likely heard before that our skin can reveal a lot about your health, but there’s been a lot coming out to show that your lip color can reveal different things about your health as well.  It’s becoming more and more aware that our internal health and state of health shows signs in other ways, like our external appearance(s).  It’s said that telling a person’s health by their lips is something that’s been practiced for quite some time in traditional…

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