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Skin Care April 17, 2017

Your Guide to Gorgeous Feet

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Spring and summer are the best time of year to rock your favorite sandals and open toed shoes. As we step into the warm weather seasons and begin enjoying a whole different set of footwear it can leave us feeling a bit insecure about the state of our feet after they’ve been trapped in boots all winter. Fortunately, we’ve uncovered some great tips to help step up your foot care routine. Don’t have a foot care routine? Now’s the time…

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Skin Care June 11, 2016

Doctor Fish Foot Therapy

We’ve found beauty treatments of all kinds throughout the years, some have been around for years, some are new, and some were discovered years ago but just gaining popularity now.  The beauty industry is one that never disappoints when it comes to giving us new treatments and products to try out.  If you’re a reality tv watcher you’ve seen the fish pedicures, where you actually stick your fit inside a tub of fish.  While you may have thought it was…

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