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Dull Dry Skin

Skin Care December 21, 2016

New Solutions For Dry, Cracked Skin

The temperatures have started to drop, and throughout a lot of the country the snow fall has begun.  Regardless of where you live, you’re probably starting to experience some of that winter dry skin that tends to come along with the winter season.  You’ve probably tried a lot of different skin care tips to help try to get rid of that dreaded dry skin, but they may not have worked in the way that you hoped.  Well, just when you…

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Skin Care November 20, 2015

Reinvigorate Dull, Dry Skin

There is no reason for feeling hopeless when it comes to suffering from dry skin these days, although, at the same time, there has never been any preceding time when dry skin and eczema were so prevalent, especially when it comes to children and the elderly. Occurring primarily during the winter months, having dry skin can range from making your skin simply feel taut and inflexible, to being really uncomfortable and even painful, with prominent cracking and bleeding. There are…

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