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Beauty Skin Care July 26, 2016

Three Ways To Improve Your Complexion

If we’re really honest, no matter how nice our skin and complexion is we’re always looking for ways to improve it.  Our skin tends to be something that we’re rarely 100% satisfied with.  It got us thinking about what are some ways for us to improve our complexion.  So naturally, we did some research and stumbled about three ways to improve your complexion.  If you’re at a place with your skin where you want to improve it even a tad,…

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Skin Care September 17, 2015

Victorian Era Skin Care Practices

Skin care has always been important to people, but how we take care of our skin changes from era to era. In the Victorian times, appearances were very important, and so was skin care. Some of the ways they took care of their skin, though, was drastically different than today’s skin care practices – although some things have not changed all that much! Some of their practices may seem quite strange to us, but to Victorian men and women, these…

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