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Beauty March 22, 2016

Removing Heavy Makeup

Makeup is a glorious thing for women to use as a form of self-expression, however, it doesn’t come without a few potential hiccups. Whether you’re going out for a fun night out or have a special occasion, when you have a full face of makeup on the way you remove the product is crucial to your skin’s health. Perfecting the makeup removal process is incredibly important, so that means no falling asleep with your makeup on! This holds even truer…

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Beauty Skin Care February 19, 2016

Gloves: Protecting Hands

Your hands are the very first part of your body that shows your age. And that can be a beautiful thing: scars, wrinkles, and spots all show us the work our hands have accomplished over the years. However, it’s important to keep your hands feeling soft, youthful, and beautiful as you age, and classic starlets like Rita Hayworth were reportedly obsessed with keeping their hands moisturized and well-maintained at all times. Take some tips from vintage glamor girls to keep…

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Beauty Skin Care February 17, 2016

Classic Glamour Secrets: Olive Oil & Petroleum Jelly

If you’re of a certain age, you probably watched your grandmother slather on cold cream at night, swear by Vaseline, and do all other sorts of outdated beauty routines that you don’t typically find practiced today. But your grandmother had a point (as they always do): some old-school beauty secrets are definitely worth keeping around. One of the most common old-school classic glamour secrets is olive oil. Olive oil is a super versatile, readily available oil, with little-to-no scent and…

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Skin Care January 25, 2016

Day vs Night Skin Care

In looking at the scope of procedures we can use from our skin care arsenal, a clear distinction becomes obvious with some key products and processes that would only be feasible as evening-suitable, while others obviously would only be warranted for inclusion in a daytime readiness routine. To try to say one is more important than the other would be remiss, as clearly, the best possible skin care regimen should include both, in order to produce genuine, glowing and supple…

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Beauty December 30, 2015

What’s the Deal With V Masks?

When the subject of masks comes up, a lot of people think of Halloween costumes, however there is another type of mask that has surely been around as long as Halloween costumes, and probably a lot longer, judging on how the oldest of ancient civilizations have recorded using a variety of ingredients to beautification purposes, with a focus on perfecting skin care. In an unending quest to discover the “fountain of youth,” the world stands permanently poised in wait for…

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Skin Care December 7, 2015

Exfoliation: What it is, and Why You NEED to Do it!

If you tend to think of exfoliation as a somewhat new technique for the advanced treatment of skin, you are not alone. While it is common for the majority of women to imagine that exfoliation is this clever, new and revolutionary way of going deep in the war against skin problems, breakouts and clogged pores, the truth is that exfoliation has been here much longer than any of us. As far back as in ancient Egyptian times, there were various…

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Skin Care June 16, 2015

Skin Care Advice Straight from the 80’s

During the 1980’s, skin care wasn’t the hugest priority for many teens and women. They would wash their face with a cleanser of some sort, and away they’d go. Moisturizing products weren’t hugely popular, yet women did use them. Skin care just wasn’t as important is it is in today’s world. That could partly be due to the fact that there weren’t many claims stating how important facial and skin care was during that time, although skin care was becoming…

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Beauty May 29, 2015

Post Cosplay Skin Care

Cosplay makeup is usually quite heavy, leaving your skin to fend for itself when the products are applied, and then trying to figure out what to do with itself when it’s removed. It can be a lot of fun to indulge in this type of makeup every once in a while, but it’s not something you want to do too often. To properly care for your skin afterward, you may need to treat your skin with a bit more TLC…

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Skin Care May 22, 2015

Humid Weather Skin Care Tricks

Summer is almost here, and with it, comes the dreaded humidity. It’s much worse in some parts of the world than in others, but nonetheless, once it arrives and takes up residence, we all dread it. Not only does it wreak havoc on our hair and our styles, but it also makes our skin feel sticky and plain gross, and none of us want to deal with that. Lionesse has compiled a few different skin care tricks to share with…

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Skin Care May 20, 2015

Skin Care Tips for Gemini Girls

The Gemini sign is one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac, because women who fall into this bracket generally have a much better chance at aging more slowly than other women and signs of the zodiac. Not only that, but they tend to have better skin with far less problems than women of other signs as well. Gemini women don’t need to do much when it comes to skin care to make any drastic improvements, but there are a…

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