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Beauty October 2, 2015

Caring For Lips

When it comes to lips, most people just treat them like a continuation of the rest of their face, with the only possible distinction being that they apply lipstick, chapstick, gloss or some kind of balm from time to time. Of course, for anyone who gets those cold sores from time to time, they must then direct some form of specific attention and healing therapy to their lips, whenever these wretched beauty-wreckers appear. And whether any real aid in expediting…

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Beauty June 18, 2015

Nostalgic Beauty Products from the 80’s

The 80’s boasted a time of beauty, style, fashion, and new trends that were unlike anything ever seen before it’s time. Many women began using cosmetic products in a different manner, making use of various colors and application styles. We were all partial to one brand or the other, and most of us had sincere brand loyalty back in those days. If you were a Covergirl girl, you most certainly wouldn’t touch Revlon – and so on, and so forth.…

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