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Beauty April 8, 2017

Celebrity-Inspired Beauty Routines That Can Get You Flawless Skin


Are you tired of seeing celebrities and feeling like they’re super humans that are just born with flawless skin? Us too! Well to be honest with you, celebrities do have access to the best skin care professionals in the world. Having access to those types of professionals gives them the knowledge and expertise in knowing the real secrets to getting flawless skin. But they don’t have to be the only ones with flawless skin anymore. Nope! You can get the…

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Skin Care May 10, 2016

Enjoy a Diamond Facial

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Right! What’s more luxurious than receiving or wearing diamonds?  Not much!  What if we told you diamonds are making their way into our skin care?  Because they are – yep, that’s right diamonds in your skin care.  It may sound too luxurious to believe, but diamond skin care products and even diamond facials are now a thing.  Experts have found incredible benefits from adding diamonds into skin care, so it’s really no shocker…

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