Skin Care May 20, 2017

Tackling Skin Issues That Are Under The Surface

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Skin issues are common issues. Since all of us have skin, and it’s the largest organ in our bodies it’s natural to notice different concerns more often than we do with our other organs. While we all understand breakouts and signs of aging that occur on the surface of our skin, there are also common skin issues that are under the surface of our skin. Sound like something you’ve experienced? It’s not uncommon to notice changes in your skin that seem to be just under the surface of the skin. Fortunately, we found some tips on tackling skin issues that are under the surface.

Adjust Your Skin Care Routine
While skin issues under the surface may seem to be unrelated to the skin care products you use, they can still make or break the healing process of the issues. When you begin to experience skin issues under the skin, it’s a great time to take a look at your current skin care routine. Be honest with yourself about how consistent you are with your routine, consistency is key to keeping your skin healthy and tackling skin issues. In addition, look at the products you’re using and consider switching out some or all of the products to adjust to your skin’s concerns. Using treatment products and gentle cleansing products can make a huge difference in really helping your skin issues to clear up and prevent them from becoming worse.

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Clean Up Your Diet
One of the common causes of skin issues that are under the surface are because of internal health struggles. Many have found that diet plays a huge role in our skin’s health and appearance, and can either make or break skin issues. Take a good look at your current diet, where are some areas you can improve? Incorporating as many fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins has been found to help reduce inflammation and help the body and skin to heal itself in a natural way. Giving your skin the nutrients it needs to function and clean out skin issues is really what a well-balanced diet has been found to do. Avoid consuming a lot of foods that are high in sugar and preservatives, as they’ve been found to have a negative impact on skin issues and helping them to heal.

Consider a Hormonal Balance
As we mentioned above, internal health struggles or imbalances are often the cause of skin issues that are under the surface of the skin. Knowing this, it’s been found hormonal imbalances are one of the leading culprits of this. That being said, if you’re finding that you’re experiencing a lot of skin issues under the surface of your skin it could be time to go see an expert to balance any hormonal struggles. Changing prescriptions, age, having children, diet, etc. can all affect the balance (or lack of) in the hormones of your body. Getting expert input on what steps to take to balance your hormones can make a huge difference.

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