Beauty June 7, 2016

Summer Nail Art

Nail art

Every season the nail art trends change, just like every other trend.  It’s always fun to see what nail art trends are making waves each season but it can also be tricky to keep up.  To help you get your summer nails off to a stylish start we’re sharing some of our favorite summer nail art trends for you to choose from.  With these nail art trends, you’re sure to make a gorgeous nail statement this summer season!

Animal Designs
Just like we start to want lighter and brighter colors, we tend to spend more time outside in the warmer months so it makes sense that another nail art trend is incorporating animals.  Designs that include butterflies and flamingos are total summer influenced and a fun way to infuse nature with your nail art for summer.

French manicure with a solid color

Splashes of Color
Every time summer comes around we’re all ready to ditch the dark nails and get into something lighter and brighter (much like our clothes).  In the nail art world, there’s a lot of abstract bold colors happening for summer.  Designs like paint splatters and French manicures done with colors are all ways ladies are incorporating color into their nail designs for the season.

Food Influenced
Most of us are total foodies. If you’re tired of the traditional nail art and ready for something that looks like it tastes as good as it looks then it may be time to try out the food nail art trend.  Ladies are including designs like watermelon, other fruits, ice cream and more.  Basically, if it’s a food you think of eating more when it’s summer time it’s being painted on nails.  It’s a fun way to get into the spirit of summer and embrace your favorite summer foods!

floral nail art

Whenever we think of summer we think of the flowers that are blooming and how gorgeous they are, so why not bring that beauty to your nail art?  Well, this season there’s a lot of floral influenced designs happening.  Some ladies are incorporating a floral design to all of their nails, while some just choose one nail to have the floral print on.  Whatever you choose you’re sure to have gorgeous nails that are seasonally appropriate and full of fun color.

Regardless of what nail art trend you choose, the summer is all about having fun, embracing the warmer weather, and adding a splash of color to your life.  The great thing about trying out these over-the-top nail art designs is nail polish isn’t permanent.  If you don’t love it, you can remove it right away or just wait a few days for it to come off naturally.  This is probably why girls have so much fun experimenting with nail art and different ways of doing nails, it’s probably the least permanent beauty routine we have to experiment with.  Which is why you should try something that you may not normally, it is summer after all!  So which of these summer nail art trends are you going to try out first?

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