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Sultry Makeup Ideas

Models with sultry makeupWhether you’re dressing up for a glamorous occasion, or planning a big night out on the town, the way that you apply your make up can either make or break your entire look. It can sometimes be hard to achieve a sexy, sultry look without overdoing it. Lionesse tries to make things easier with certain tips that you can follow to ensure that you never leave the house looking less than fabulous.

To begin with, a good base is vital. Avoid heavy foundations that will clog your pores, and opt for something that makes your skin look fresh and dewy.

When it comes to looking sultry, your eyes are your biggest asset. A smoky eye is a classic, but can take some time to truly master. Begin with a black eyeliner pencil around your eyes, carefully smudging it with a brush or a cotton swab.  Pick out a few different grey and black eyeshadows in a range of shades, from light to dark. Start with the lightest, sweeping it across your eyelids, and gradually blend in the darker shades, ending with the darkest. As well as blending this in, use a liner brush to sweep some shadow across your initial pencil lines, as this will enhance the pencil and make it last longer.

If you want a look that’s different from the classic smoky eye, try using metallic eyeshadows for a warm and sultry look. Blend these in with shimmering bronze colors to add extra warmth and depth.

Liquid eyeliner is a great tool for precise, defined lines. Use liquid eyeliner to create line your eyes and then create wings, by flipping the upper line outwards at the corner of each eye. If you have a shaky hand and don’t want to have to redo your work, line your eyes with an eyeliner pencil first, which you can use as a guide later on when you use the liquid eyeliner.

Using generous coatings of mascara can be a quick way to add some drama to your look. Choose a mascara that will lengthen as well as thicken your lashes, and make sure you do not apply multiple layers, as this will lead to clumping, which is never a good look! False eyelashes could also be applied to your outer lashes, enhancing your eyes without looking too false.

No matter how much effort you put into your eye make up, messy eyebrows can detract attention away from this in an instant. Make sure your brows are well-groomed and accentuate your face in the best way possible. Brush them in a way that defines the arch, and use an eyebrow pencil to fill out any thinner parts.

Luscious lips are vital to a sultry look. Red lips are a classic way to go, with so many different shades being available. Try mixing your lipstick shades for a colour that is unique to you. If red lips don’t work with the rest of your make up, the best option would be to go for nude lips, as this will balance out heavy makeup. Use a lipstick shade that matches the natural colour of your lips, and apply a plumping gloss over this.

Your cheeks, as well as the rest of your skin, can help to achieve the ultimate sultry look. Your cheeks should be warm and rosy, and your skin should be glowing. Choose a high quality self-tanning bronzer that has a neutral smell, and apply it to your cheekbones and any other areas that naturally get quickly bronzed by the sun. Make sure you are using a big powder brush to do this, to even out the colour.

A sultry look can be easily created and will give your face a glamorous and dramatic appeal. Experiment with the different ways of achieving this in order to find the one that best works for your features.

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