Skin Care September 20, 2016

Subtle Signs of Aging

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Oh the signs of aging that pop up…such a pleasure, right?  Ok, ok, we get it no one LIKES to see signs of aging happening on their skin in different areas of their body but it is something that can happen.  Sometimes they’re more subtle than others, and if you can catch them when they are more subtle chances are you’re able to try to reverse (or at least stop) the changes.  We’re sharing subtle signs of aging to help you stay informed, you may be surprised at some of these!

Itchy skin
You’re probably thinking ‘what does itchy skin have to do with aging?’ well it turns out more than you think!  Since we tend to lose a lot of moisture and hydration, the skin’s texture starts to change.  With these changes, the skin can become itchier and sometimes even more sensitive.  If you do start to notice your skin is itchy, it could be a sign that it doesn’t have enough moisture in it which means it’s time to start adding more moisturizer to your regimen.

The skin on your neck changes
The neck is typically an area that most of us forget about when it comes to taking care of our skin, and really including it in the skin care routine.  Around the neck area is where the actual wrinkles form and one of the more subtle signs of aging here can be when the skin on your neck becomes patchy in coloring and more sensitive.  If you’re not quite sure what we mean by patchy – it’s basically if your skin becomes uneven in color around your neck area.  Experts say that uneven color around the neck and chest areas are early indications of aging, and definitely something you want to start to watch.

Gaunt hands
Another area of the body that many of us tend to forget about taking care of over the years is our hands, which is often why many say you can see aging happening on someone’s hands.  Gaunt hands are one of those reasons.  Generally, as we age our skin becomes thinner, gaunt hands tend to be the results of this and the lack of enough hydration in the skin.  Make sure that you’re keeping up with your moisturizing regimen with your hands.  There have been some that suggest fillers if the gaunt hands becomes more than the person likes, along with a lot of other specified skin care products.

Sun spots
Oh the dreaded sun spot talk, you knew we had to go here.  Sun spots are the result of, well…too much sun.  While we all enjoy the sunshine and love spending as much time outdoors as we can during our younger years, it can also be the reason we develop sun spots.  Most experts suggest that if you see sun spots in your 20’s or 30’s it may raise some concern, as that’s pretty early.  Sticking to your SPF routine is going to help make sure you don’t have any more develop later one.

What subtle signs of aging have you noticed?

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