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Study Finds Aquarians Most Likely to Become Famous

Image depicting an Aquarian woman.

If you’ve ever wanted to become famous for anything, hopefully the stars have aligned in your favor: a new study reveals that those considered to be Aquarius signs of the zodiac to have the most likelihood of becoming famous in any regard. Today, Lionesse will be taking a deeper look into this study and its findings – and why this seems to be the case.

The University of Connecticut had recently completed a study, which had been led by Dr. Hamilton, a Professor within the University, and had found that those born between December and March had a higher likelihood of becoming famous in any regard, but for those born under the Aquarian sign, there was even more of a chance of becoming famous.

Apparently, during the study, the findings had shown that Aquarius was the most, ‘assertive and bright’, of all of the zodiac signs, which makes Aquarians prime candidates for the limelight.

During the study, it had been concluded that the Aquarians had been considered a ‘wet’ sign, which was also in tune with those who already had celebrity status – this sign was particularly similar to those who already had celebrity status in this regard, as well as the fact that Aquarians are bright and assertive, also play a major role in how famous someone is able to become. Most of those found in Hollywood are considered to be ‘bright and assertive’, another indicator of stardom.

A paper was also recently written by Dr. Jeromy Genovese of Cleveland State University, who firmly believes there is no such thing as linking celebrity status or stardom in any way, shape, or form by use of the zodiac. Dr. Hamilton, the originator of the study at the University of Connecticut, believes his study has superseded the paper written by Dr. Genovese and that he has in fact proved that the zodiac can and does play a large role in this regard, as it does with nearly every other aspect of life.

During his study, he looked at various life components of celebrities, such as politics, science, literature, sports, and more. What he found within the study was that celebrities seemed to have birthdates similar in range, and that they were considered ‘wet’ signs as well as ‘bright’ and ‘assertive’ as mentioned earlier in this article. He also found that most psychologists want to dismiss the theory that the zodiac and birthdates of any celebrity could have any direct correlation to stardom, but he is determined to prove psychologists wrong in this regard.

Whether or not the theory behind the chance that someone has a higher chance of becoming a famous celebrity based upon their birth date and zodiac sign is debatable, but interesting to say the least.

What do you believe is true? Do you believe it’s possible to simply become famous based upon the month and date you were born, and that it was predetermined by the stars before you were born? We would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.

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