Skin Care October 4, 2016

Steps to Clear Skin

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Having clear skin is undoubtedly a goal for all of us.  Let’s face it, no one WANTS to deal with breakouts and acne.  It can be a little confusing at times to figure out what steps to actually take when it comes to achieving clear skin.  We’re all about eliminating the overwhelming and keeping things simple and real with you, so we have some of the best steps to clear skin that we’ve found to work wonders.

Get Your Cleansing Routine On Track
We know you’re already cleansing your skin daily (right?), but what many experts have continued to suggest is that many people are still making some mistakes when it comes to cleansing their skin.  The biggest problem is using the wrong cleanser for your skin type, this is crucial to achieving clear skin!  If you use a cleanser that’s not designed for your skin type, it can actually cause you to have reverse effects from using it.  In addition, don’t be so rough!  Cleansing your skin should be a gentle process, that means not using water that’s TOO hot and not putting too much pressure on your skin as you cleanse your skin.

Watch Your Makeup
Makeup and the makeup applicators you use can play a huge role in breakouts and your skin having some irritations.  It’s important that you make sure to use makeup products that aren’t going to clog your pores, and aren’t expired.  In addition, you’ve GOT to get into the habit of actually washing your makeup brushes.  We know, it doesn’t seem like it’s really ‘that’ big of a deal to NOT wash them but trust us.  Think about it this way, when you use your makeup brushes when you have a breakout that bacteria is getting into the brush, as you continue using that brush you continue spreading that bacteria all over your skin.  Do yourself a favor and make it a routine to wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis.

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Clean Up Your Habits
Odds are you’re not getting enough water on a daily basis, and might even be eating food that’s not doing your skin any favors.  If you fit into those categories, it’s time to get serious about cleaning them up.  Increasing your water intake and cleaning up your diet can really do wonders for achieving clear skin.  In addition, if you find you’re in the habit of picking and touching your skin a lot – STOP!  It’s honestly just a bad habit that can make your breakouts worse and even cause permanent scarring.  Keep your hands off, drink your water, and eat a well-balanced diet.  Seriously, your skin will be glowing!

Having clear skin really doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  Of course, all of this goes with the intention that you’re also using quality skincare products that are formulated to work with your skin’s type.  If you find you’re still struggling with getting clear skin, it could be worth talking to an expert about to see what further changes you need to make.

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