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Start Your New Year With A Germ Free Work Space

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Ahhh the beginning of a New Year, there’s something so refreshing about it – isn’t there?  It’s this great opportunity to start fresh in areas of your life, and begin a new year working towards new goals and objectives.  You’ve likely had some extra days off from work recently and as you get back into the normal routine of things at the office, you’re probably eager to find ways to refresh your workspace.  Since we’re officially in the swing of the winter season, germs and sickness tend to be everywhere.  No one wants to get sick, so we thought we would take this opportunity to help you start your new year with a germ-free workspace with some of these tips.

Your Desk
Among your workspace, you probably spend the majority of your time at your desk.  Unfortunately, your desk is also a major zone for germs.  It’s only natural, since we do so many things and touch a great deal of things throughout the day and even before we get to the office.  Experts suggest that the best way to really get your desk in better shape and germ-free is to first wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer right when you get to the office in the morning to prevent you from bringing those outside germs to your desk.  In addition, every morning start by wiping down your desk area with a disinfecting wipe before you get started on any work.  When doing this, make sure you’re using the wipe on your entire desk area – don’t forget the phone, keyboard, and anything else you touch on a daily basis.

The Kitchen Area
If your workspace has any sort of kitchen area or break room, this area is a breeding ground for germs.  Between the coffee maker, countertops and sharing all this space with others – there’s a lot of germs to think about and really get a handle on.  It’s suggested that you make sure to wipe down the handle of the coffee maker before you go to pick it up yourself, along with wiping down the countertop areas that you plan on using, and don’t forget about the refrigerator handle!  Basically, make sure that you’re wiping down the handles or hard surface areas you plan on using with a disinfecting wipe to eliminate a lot of the bacteria.  If you have a communal coffee maker, it’s suggested to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned out with soap and water every morning to eliminate a lot of germ build up from occurring.

The Restrooms
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the restrooms.  While it’s not exactly glamorous, there are a lot of germs in there.  It’s suggested to use a paper towel to open the door when leaving the restroom after having washed your hands.  In addition, use a paper towel when you turn on the facets before washing your hands – both of these handles/faucets tend to be loaded with bacteria and germs that can cause problems for you.

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