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Spring Beauty Updates

When it comes to updating your beauty products, skin care products, and even your clothing, there’s no better time to get it done than with the changing of the seasons. If you are in need of updating and organizing your life, now is the time to get it done – and Lionesse has some helpful tips to help you get your life spring ready.

Beautiful woman showing off her wavy hairstyle.

Change Up Your Hairstyle
Now that the colder months are over, you might want to consider opting for a lighter, more fun hairstyle that incorporates styles with a possibly shorter look. Even if you only get a trim and add some bangs, this can do a lot in terms of your overall style and give your look something new. If you don’t want to cut any hair off, no problem – opt for different hairstyles you can create and wear rather than chopping your locks. Perhaps you would like to have thinner hair. Those with thick hair know that it can be very difficult to make it through the warmer months without having their hair thinned. This isn’t drastic, but provides you comfortable relief from the heat – all while maintaining your length.

Woman applying moisturizer on her face.

Change Your Skin Care Routine
The days of thick, heavy moisturizers are now behind us as spring requires minimal moisturization due to more moisture naturally being in the air. The spring months are generally more rainy and stormy, which offer plenty of moisture to be infused in the air, providing a more suitable environment for your skin. Using thick, heavy moisturizers is no longer necessary – even for those with dry skin – and should be reserved for the long, cold, dry winter months. The most important aspect of changing up your daily skin care routine is to always remember to choose products specific to  your particular skin type.

Two friends trying out clothes in a store.

Change Up Your Wardrobe
Now its time to rid your wardrobe of the items you just don’t think you will wear again, and get rid of last season’s trendy clothing to make room for new trendy essentials. Your wardrobe should contain a minimum of 75% staple clothing, and only 25% trendy. That allows you to constantly stay updated when trendy items are bought and given away, and also ensures most of your clothing items last throughout the year, such as jeans, dress pants, dresses and skirts items.

Woman in pink makeup in a pink background.

Change Up Your Cosmetic Palette
 Spring is one of the most fun months when it comes to updating your color palette and cosmetic items. Companies find their inspiration for color schemes based largely upon the colors found in nature; and during this time of year, everything is bright, sunny, and light. That means your cosmetic palette should be colorful as well. Opt for colors like pinks, purples, blues, neutrals like tans and cream colors, and anything that illuminates the face.

Lionesse believes you will feel like a new woman once you change up these few things. Have fun updating, and stay tuned for more articles in the near future on updating your life and wardrobe for spring.

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