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Sleep And Skin Recovery

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Beauty sleep is, well…beautiful in more ways than one, because really don’t we all love to sleep?  It’s really difficult to go about life and do everything you need to do when you’re tired.  But do you also notice you start to look different when you’re not getting enough sleep?  There’s actually been a lot of research and information coming out recently on the link between sleep and our skin’s recovery.  While there are countless reasons to get more sleep at night, there’s also actually a lot of truth to the term beauty sleep.

Increased Inflammatory Cells
One of the major side effects of not getting enough sleep has been linked to it causing an increase in inflammatory cells that occur in the body.  This increase isn’t a good one.  In fact, often times this increase can make already existing skin problems even worse and start to negatively impact your skin’s natural appearance.  So you know how when you’re not getting enough sleep your skin seems to lose its color and suddenly looks duller?  Yep, this is why!  In addition, these inflammatory cells actually start to effect the natural collagen you have in your body – meaning they break the collagen down (not a good thing for anti-aging!).  Finally, one of the negative effects of increased inflammatory cells is that the inflammation in the body begins to impact your body’s immune system.  If you have a skin disease or disorder, the impact on your immune system can send your skin into a frenzy.

Rebalance Time 
Ok, so when you’re asleep your body works to recover and repair itself.  So when you’re NOT getting enough sleep your body doesn’t get the opportunity to do it’s thang – if you catch our drift.  Typically, while we’re asleep our body goes through a hydration balancing process.  This is a huge factor as to why when you haven’t gotten enough sleep you may notice your under eye area looking puffy or acquiring dark circles – your body hasn’t had a chance to rebalance the hydration and moisture in your body that blocks those things from happening.

Aging Struggles
Like we said, your body works on repairing itself when you’re asleep so this is a big one for anti-aging factors.  While our body is asleep it produces growth hormones and repairs any cells that need repairing.  Naturally, when you’re not getting enough rest and enough of the deep sleep time your body doesn’t get the chance to make any of this happen.  Ever notice how you or someone you know who doesn’t get enough sleep tends to look older?  Bingo!  This is exactly why.  So really, getting enough shut eye is amazing anti-aging practice.

We get it, getting enough sleep can seem nearly impossible to actually make happen sometimes.  Life gets crazy, stress levels are high, and it can sometimes feel like there’s no time to get to sleep at an early time.  But, your skin and your body is depending on it!  Do yourself a favor and make it a priority to get more shut eye in!

Have you noticed changes in your skin due to more sleep or lack of sleep?

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