Skin Care April 21, 2016

Skincare Tips for Men

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Guys, it’s not just the ladies that need to be spending time upping their skin care game.  You do, too!  If you’re still just using a bar of soap to wash your face, it’s time to revisit your skin care routine and make some adjustments.  You have skin, just like the ladies, and you’re exposed to the same elements so why not take some extra time to care for your skin a little more?  You deserve it just like the women in your life do.  So let’s break down a few of the skin care musts all guys should be doing to help with your skin.

Choose Your Razor Wisely
If you’re buying the cheapest razor you can find, it’s time to upgrade.  Most men shave multiple times per week, and it’s wise to choose something that you’re using that often wisely.  Buying quality is key, it is your skin after all!  Also, make sure you’re using the proper products when you are shaving, this will help eliminate the potential risk of razor burn or even ingrown hairs.  Choose a razor and (moisturizing) shaving gel that works for your skin type and the coarseness of your hair.

Don’t Skip the After-Gel
After gel is often a step guys skip thinking they don’t need it, but it’s incredibly important to help with the rehydration of your skin.  Not only does it help with hydration but it also helps soothe your skin – two super important factors after shaving.  So guys, don’t skip this step!

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Invest in a Good Cleanser
Many dermatologists have said that men are notorious for either skipping the cleansing step or using harsh bars of soap in the shower.  Neither of which are advised!  While cleansing your face may seem like a “duh” step, it’s important to use the proper cleanser.  Again find a product that suits your skin type and isn’t too harsh.  Often when products are too harsh for the skin they can cause dryness.   Instead, take your time and use a product that’s gentle and will do the job.

Moisturize, Moisturize!
While you may want to skip the moisturizing step in your skin care routine in fear of the moisturizer being ‘girly’ in scent, there are a ton of fragrance-free options available now.  Moisturizing is an incredibly crucial step in your skin care routine because it will help with the smoothness of your skin as well as the overall hydration and feel.  Keep it simple, but don’t skip this step.  The women in your life will love your softer skin!

Both men and women need to make sure they’re taking care of their skin to the best of their ability.  Amping up your skin care routine to include these steps will make a huge difference in your overall skin health and appearance.  Who doesn’t want that?  So start implementing these key steps and notice your skin start to appear clearer, cleaner and refreshed.  Once you get into the habit, it won’t take a long time but in the long scheme of things you’ll be happy you took the time to do it.

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