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Skincare Products and Sunburn

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Sunburn can definitely cause problems with your skin. We’ve heard it time and time again, that we need to make sure we’re applying enough sunscreen before leaving the house to avoid getting sunburn.  While many of us are all about treating our skin right and using different skincare products to help keep our skin on point and helping to avoid sunburns, what you may not realize is there are some skincare products that can actually lead to sunburns.  Since we want to make sure you’re prepared and full of proper skincare information, we’re sharing some of the common skincare products that can lead or boost sunburns from occurring on your skin.

Prescription Strength Acne Treatments
If you’re currently using any sort of prescription strength acne treatment, your doctor should have informed you to be extra careful in the sun.  Many of these strong acne treatments have been found to make the user’s skin very sensitive.  Because the skin is in a much more sensitive state than normal, you’re much more likely to be at risk for sunburns than normally.  If you’re using a prescription acne treatment and don’t know what your sun protection needs to be, ask your doctor to make sure you’re protecting your skin as good as possible to avoid developing any sunburns.

Check the Ingredients
There are certain ingredients found in quite a few different skincare products that have been found to create some increased sensitivity with user’s skin.  The major ingredients to look for are bet-hydroxy acids, alpha-hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, just to name the most common.  If you’ve noticed your skin seems to be on the more sensitive side since using a certain skin care product it’s worth looking at the products ingredients and researching to find out if it’s an ingredient that’s known to cause sensitivity.  The thing is when our skin is more sensitive it reacts much differently to the sun, leading to more sunburns or possibility of sunburns.

Exfoliating Products  
While we’ve talked about the importance of exfoliating your skin regularly and all the benefits of doing so, certain facial exfoliation products can lead to too much sensitivity in the skin after use.  Along with facial exfoliation products, other treatments that are extreme exfoliators like chemical peels and lasers can also lead to causing a great deal of sensitivity in the skin.  It’s important that you’re reading the benefits and any warnings when using any type of exfoliating product and/ or going in for more serious skin treatments like the above mentioned.

We’re all about you using whatever skin care products you need in order to feel great about your skin and maintain its health.  However, it’s really important that whatever you use on your skin you understand the ingredients that they’re made with and you’re well aware of any way they could adjust your skin like causing an increase in skin sensitivity.  Because sun protection is so huge and sunburns  can be really damaging you want to be aware of anything that could make your skin sensitive and lead to you developing a sunburn.

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