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Skin Care Tips For Frequent Flyers

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Are you a frequent flyer? If so, you’ve probably mastered the art of racking up your miles on your card and earning all those great travel point benefits. But have you been able to master your skin care while traveling? The thing about traveling is it tends to put a lot of stress on our skin. Jetting from climate to climate and being exposed to all the different elements along the way can do a number on our skin-leaving you with skin that’s not quite glowing the way you’d like. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite skin care tips for frequent flyers to help you master your skin care routine, the same way you earn points.

Moisture is Essential
We talked about all the factors that impact our skin while traveling above, but we didn’t talk about why those elements can be so harsh on the skin. Generally, traveling (especially flying) can take a lot of moisture out of our skin. You’ve probably noticed that your skin feels pretty dry when you get off the plane, regardless of the climate you’re traveling to. This is because of the different elements our skin is exposed to that cause a lot of moisture to be lost. That being said, focusing on adding as much moisture to your skin as possible is going to be a game changing skin care tip for you. Applying a thicker moisturizing product to your skin before taking off, and even upon landing is going to be a tremendous help. Since your skin is exposed to so many different factors, using a heavier moisturizer regardless of your skin type can help you make up for what’s lost throughout your travels.

Drink a LOT of Water
Clearly moisture and hydration are important all the time, but especially when traveling. Drinking enough water is going to help your skin enormously when traveling. We know you’ve heard it a million times, but if you want to give your skin that glow even while you travel it’s all about upping your water intake. The fact of the matter is your skin needs hydration and water in order to retain moisture. If you drink a lot of water, but still feel like your skin is a bit dry, it’s time to drink even more water. This also means you should try to avoid (or at least cut back) on how much alcohol and caffeine you’re drinking while traveling. We know it’s sad, but both of those tend to cause more loss of hydration.

Spray on Additional Hydration
You’ve gathered the importance of hydration and moisture. Another great way to get an added boost of both elements when flying is by investing in a hydrating spray. Sprays are great because they are much more travel-friendly, and add an instant benefit of hydration to the skin’s surface. You can choose an actual hydration spray, or even a toning product to give your skin a little hydration when you feel the need.

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