Skin Care December 23, 2016

Skin Care Tips For City Girls

Are you a city girl?  If you are, you’re probably all about being out and about as often as you can to really take advantage of being in the city.  With that, you also probably enjoy being in a fast-paced state – so taking hours upon hours to take care of your skin just won’t do.  Listen, we’re with you on that one!  However, in addition to time and speediness we also know that city girls are faced with different environmental factors than those that aren’t living in a big city so your skin has different needs.  That being said, we’re sharing skin care tips for city girls – because we know you ladies want to have the best skin possible!

Woman getting a facial treatment

Adapting an Antioxidant Infused Mask
Since your skin is exposed to so many different environmental factors like smog, oils, dust (you name it) your skin can begin to appear to look duller and really have you losing that gorgeous glow we all want for our skin.  That being said, many skin care experts suggest that a city girl like yourself needs to adapt an anti-oxidant infused mask into your weekly skin care routine.  This type of mask is going to help give your skin the nutrients it needs to get that glow back.  In addition, anti-oxidants can help with free radicals and to really help detox your skin from all the ‘stuff’ it’s exposed to on a daily basis.  Try getting in the habit of applying a mask to your face 1-2 times per week to really get the best benefit and help your skin heal.

Make Use of Serums
There are so many different serum based products on the market, and they all have different benefits to them.  But if you’re a city girl, you’re going to want to use a serum to help further protect your skin from all the pollutants and environmental factors.  Experts suggest that adding in a serum that’s really loaded with anti-oxidants can be key to really helping to keep your skin on track.  These types of serums can help combat free radicals and other factors from wreaking havoc on your skin and doing a lot of major damage.

Woman cleansing skin

Make Sure You’re Getting a Deep Clean
Any time you wash your face, it’s going to be essential that you’re really getting a deep clean.  As we mentioned before, your skin is exposed to a lot of…stuff.  That stuff can get trapped in your skin and cause a lot of problems if you don’t cleanse thoroughly enough on a regular basis.  Using battery operated cleansing brushes can be really helpful to getting that deep clean.  If you don’t want to use something like that, just ensuring that you’re taking the time to thoroughly cleanse your skin before heading to bed is key.  Experts suggest that cleansing your skin before jumping into bed is crucial, to make sure that you’re eliminating a lot of the pollutants that you’ve been exposed to.

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